[Sovled]CM13 can NOT sync contacts-CM13无法同步google联系人

Nexus 5刷完cm13+opengapps(pico) 之后,goolge服务,google play store 等应用都有了,可以正常登录google账号,但是打开CM13自带的联系人应用则空空如也,只能选择添加账号。选择添加账户,只有Exchange选项,并没有Google选项!!可是Google账号明明已经成功登录了!? BUG/Problem:CM13(CyanogenMod) Missed Google Contacts option and can not sync,when flashed cm13+opengapps(pico) and login in andriod system.There is nothing but ‘add account’ or ‘import new’ option when Opening the CM13 stock Contacts app. Enter add account menu,there is no Google option do not like other […]

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